1st WAC Living History Group is the premiere Women’s Army Corps Reenacting group. We are dedicated to accurately representing the contributions made by members of the WAC during WWII. We have several member units, each with their own distinct focus on different aspects of the Corps.


“You are the first women to serve…Never forget it…You have given up comfortable homes, highly paid positions, leisure. You have taken off silk and put on khaki. And all for essentially the same reason—you have a debt and a date. A debt to democracy, a date with destiny…You do not come into a Corps that has an established tradition. You must make your own. But in making your own, you do have one tradition—the integrity of all the brave American women of all time who have loved their country. You, as you gather here, are living history…From now on you are soldiers, defending a free way of life. Your performance will set the standards of the Corps. You will live in the Spotlight. Even though the lamps of experience are dim, few if any mistakes will be permitted you.”

  —Oveta Culp Hobby to the first class of WAAC officer candidates, July 1942.