Charlie Company

Charlie Company, aka SoCal WAC Reenactors, are an active group based in southern California with a focus on 9th Service Command & the WACs stationed at Fort MacArthur



2nd Lt. Michaela Negrete
Sgt. Rochelle Hibbs
Cpl. Olivia Hataway
Cpl. Mariah Mussenden
Pfc. Stephanie Castañeda
Pfc. Morgan Hofer
Pfc. Molly McDowell
Pfc. Devri Speaks
Pvt. Kat Lambert
Pvt. Elizabeth Reese

Calendar of Events

  • March 13-15: WWI Ludendorff Tactical (Yucaipa)
  • April 3-5: WWII Falaise Gap Tactical (Yucaipa)
  • May 1-3: Planes of Fame Airshow (Chino)
  • May 25: Memorial Day Events (TBD)
  • June: Training Day (Chino)
  • June 21: Club Board Meeting (TBD)
  • July 4: Independence Day Events (TBD)
  • July 25-26: Angel Island Timeline Event (Oakland)
  • August: Training Day (TBD)
  • August: Spirit of ’45 (San Diego)
  • October: Sicily Tactical Event (Yucaipa)
  • October : Placentia Heritage Festival (Placentia)