ETO Winter Uniform


WAC telephone operators Cpl. Alma Bradley and Cpl. Eleanor Moynihan leaving the “Little White House,” residence of President Harry S. Truman during the Potsdam Conference. PFC William Gleason at gate. 16 July 1945.
U.S. Army Signal Corps

The ETO uniform (seen above on Cpl Bradley, left) was centered around the ETO jacket (also known as a Battle Jacket and Ike Jacket), and based off of similar jackets for men. Originally an unofficial uniform item, the ETO jacket was authorized in late 1944 for private purchase.


• Cap, garrison
• Jacket, field, wool, women’s
• Waist, wool, women’s
• Skirt, wool, drab,
• Shoes, service, women’s low
• Necktie, women’s
• Stockings, neutral shade
• Bag, WAC, utility
• Insignia
• Decorations, service medals (optional)