Generic Uniform Guidelines

We have compiled some generic uniform guidelines from original sources to help ensure your impression looks as “G.I” as possible.  Since these are the general rules, you’ll want to also follow the specific guidelines for the wear of your uniforms. We have provided examples under the Impression Guide  to help you get started.

Remember, you are representing the women who wore this uniform during WWII, so take care in wearing it as accurately as possible.


General rules to follow (adapted from PAM 35-3 “WAC Life)

  • Do not “mix” uniforms–this means you should not mix items from fatigue uniforms with your dress uniforms.
  • Do not decorate the uniform with civilian accessories–make sure you are only wearing correct insignia.
  • Be sure to wear your hat at all times when outdoors, with a few exceptions being made for work or off duty times. When indoors, hat may be on or off–it’s based on personal preference.
  • All buttons should be buttoned at all times. The exception to this rule is the top button if your tie is not being worn.
  • When wearing the utility bag, it should be worn as a cross-body style with the strap on the right shoulder.

Guidelines for Hair and Makeup:

  • Hair should be neat and off the collar. We recommend wet sets, especially for short hair. If your hair is longer, consider a continuous roll style.
  • Makeup is encouraged, but should be tasteful and correct to the time period. Avoid frosted makeup products, overly heavy cosmetics, and french manicures as these are not correct to the time period.