AAF Army Air Forces

AGF Army Ground Forces

ANC Army Nurse Corps

APO Army Post Office

AR Army Regulations

ARC American Red Cross

ASF Army Service Forces

ASN–Army Serial Number The individual number assigned to each member of the army

Attach To place an individual or unit temporarily under a commander other than its own.



Barracks Buildings which house troops

Barracks Bag A cloth bag for articles of clothing and equipment

Bivouac An area in the field where troops rest or assemble without overhead cover, or with shelter tents or improvised shelter.

Blouse The uniform jacket

Bn.  Battalion



Cadence The rate of march in steps per minute

Cadre Key group of officers and men organized to establish and train a new unit

Chevron Cloth stripes worn on the sleeves of the uniforms to denote grade, length of service, or wounds

Chow Food.

CO  Commanding officer.

CONUS Continental United States

Cpl. Corporal



Daisy-Mae Fatigue Hat

Distance Space between elements in the direction front to rear.

Dog-tags Identification disks.



ETO European Theater of Operations

EW Enlisted woman (or women)



Farb A reenactor term for someone who is not accurate with their impression

Fatigues Work clothes, also see HBTs

FECOMZ Forward Echelon, Communications Zone.

File A column of men one behind the other

FM Field Manual

Foot Locker Small trunk



Garrison Cap The successor to the WAC Cap. Alternate terms include Overseas cap. Based on male pattern caps, but adapted to

GI Government issue

Guidon A small flag designating a unit



HBT Herringbone Twill. The fabric used to make the fatigue uniforms

Hobby Hat Nickname for the WAAC/WAC cap, names after Director Oveta Culp Hobby

HQ Headquarters



Interval Space between elements in the direction parallel to the front



KP Kitchen police.



Mess An army meal, place where meals are served

Mess Gear A soldier’s individual mess kit, knife, fork, spoon, and cup.

MP-Military Police Soldiers who guard property, prevent crime, enforce laws and regulations within the army

Morning Report A daily personnel report showing the status of each organization.

MOS Military occupational specification

MTO Mediterranean Theater of Operations



NCO or Noncom A noncommissioned officer



OD Olive drab



Pace A step 30 inches long

PFC Private, first class

Post A place where troops are stationed

PX Post Exchange An army store

Pup tent Shelter tent



QM Quartermaster



Rank Grade of commissioned officer

Ration The amount of food allowed for one person for one day

Roster A list of personnel



Service Ribbon  A ribbon awarded for a specific service

Service Stripes A stripe worn by a soldier indicating service

Stripes Chevrons



T/BA Tables of basic allowances—List of equipment authorized for units and individuals

T/E Tables of Equipment—list of equipment to be taken with unit on change of station and into the field

TM Technical Manual

T/O Tables of organization—chart showing number, grade and duties of personnel in a unit

T/O & E Tables of organization and equipment



Unit An organization varying in size from a squad to a division

Utility bag Purse



WAAC Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps

WAC Women’s Army Corps

WD War Department