Forward Echelon, Communications Zone

Uniform of the WAC detachment to Forward Echelon, Communications Zone, from D+38.


  • Cap, Wool, Knit, M-1941
  • M1 helmet with liner
  • Jacket, Field, M-1943, Women
  • Liner, Jacket, Field, M-1943, Women
  • Waist, Wool, Women’s
  • Trousers, Women’s, Wool, Liner (1st or 2nd Pattern)
  • Trousers, Women’s, Outer Cover (1st or 2nd Pattern)
  • Shoes, Field, Women’s
  • Leggings, Canvas, Women’s
  • Vest, Women’s, Winter (Optional)
  • Panties, Women’s, Winter (Optional)
  • ARC Sweater Vest (Optional)


Field Gear:

  • Belt, Pistol-or-Revolver, M-1936
  • Pouch, First Aid Packet, M-1942
  • M1910 canteen and cup with cover
  • Bag, Canvas, Field, od, M-1936
  • Suspenders, Belt, M-1936.